How to gain your employees’ trust

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9 ways for leaders to gain employees’ trust

In today’s era of content and information, successful businesses and effective leadership styles have shifted steadily toward employee engagement and influence.

It’s critical to build strong relationships with our employees to ensure highly motivated and productive teams. Relationships are built on trust. And trust drives revenues.

Now, how much do your employees trust you?
If the answer is some variation of “probably not enough”, then consider the following nine tips to strengthen the bond:

  1. Be Transparent – leaders are exposed to confidential information on a daily basis. There are things better kept within the leadership team, and employees do get that. But your staff also want transparency as much as possible, especially for things that matter and have a direct impact on them
  2. Practice the Golden Rule – true to the saying, leaders should their staff the way they wanted to be treated. Be consistent in your words and actions in giving your commitment, support, respect, and recognition. Be sincere.
  3. Know your staff – you spend more time in the office than at home. Sooner or later, workmates will be like a family. Know them on a personal level, talk to them in terms of what really matters to them. Personal connections can help establish a stronger bond and improve engagement
  4. Work Harder – staff nowadays are a bit wiser, nobody wants a lazy boss. Work harder, show your staff how much dedication and value you put on your role and in your job. The tendency is staff will be more comfortable working and following you.
  5. Be Result Oriented – working hard is one thing, delivering results is another thing. A leader knows his own weaknesses and strengths. He/she should spend more time prioritizes tasks that ensure achievement of objectives. Getting greater results means more trust from your staff that you are indeed the man in charge
  6. Don’t Gossip – leaders should avoid engaging themselves in spreading negative thoughts about anything and anyone. Communicates very well with others, organizes his/her thoughts and expresses himself/herself in a clear and understandable way. Promotes an atmosphere where all team members feel comfortable sharing and discussing their ideas, takes the lead in offering valuable information to the team
  7. Be consistent – be straightforward and consistent. Words have meaning. Always choose your words carefully and mean what you will say. Employees will trust you if you will follow through on your word
  8. Talk Less – listen more to your staff, use listening skills to encourage your staff to be more open and share ideas, and help them in turning them into reality
  9. Be accountable – your staff will show more respect if you own any shortcomings and choose to look for ways to resolve them rather than do a finger point blaming game. A leader should also rapidly accepts accountability for his/her own actions and able to get results through his/her staff.

In order to take your business and your goals to the next level, it’s a must to make a conscious effort in developing your leadership qualities that would, in turn,  hold a stronger bond, more engagement and more trust from your staff.
In order to take your company to the next level, it’s imperative to hold the trust of your staff. When you make a conscious effort to change your leadership qualities, your employees will grow to trust you that much more. Your business will be stronger.

Published by Jomar Allen Enecio

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