How to Boost Your Web Traffic

Tips to help you grow traffic

The internet has opened a lot of new doors and opportunities to businesses today. It is leveraging people from around the world with great deal of opportunities. Nowadays, a subject matter expert can either provide quality writing services or start a blog and make money. With understand on how SEO works and how search engines rank your website, a blogger can rank higher in search results and generate a potential good money. Below are some helpful tips you need to follow and abide.

Quality content

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Your website is nothing without quality content. It will get nowhere with search engine rankings if you don’t have quality content. Quality content does not merely means perfect grammar, correct spelling and informative content but more of keyword density. It is an important search engine matrix. A keyword density is defined by the number of times your keyword appears in a 100 word article. Spread the keyword sporadically throughout your website’s content and you will see a spick in traffic from search engines. Try to maintain at least 1.5% to 2% keyword density in all of your articles and blogs.
Also, add meta description to your every article on your website. It can do wonders, it will allow search engines to understand the article better and know about the topic of the article.

Create quality backlinks

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A backlink is counted when website A links to website B. Search engines recognize when one website links to another and therefore considers that website more worthy of appearing within your search results. You don’t have to have hundreds of backlink pointing towards your site, a few quality backlinks can do the trick and drive incomparable traffic. Choose powerful domains for such domains can increase the domain authority of your site with leaps and bounds, helping you to receive more traffic and helping you rank better.

Write long posts

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Today, millions of people are trying to be at the top rank for the same keyword, thus making it more difficult for the search engines to discern the best articles. You can help search engines by writing longer posts. It doesn’t mean that bloggers will have to manipulate and write fluffy stuff and expect to land the first page. It means writing an informative article and include as many information as you can. A study says that articles with 1900+ words have a higher chance of ranking on the first page.

Receive reviews

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There are a lot of factors involved in search rankings, customer reviews can be a strong signal to search engines. Receiving reviews from your customers can improve your search engine ranking. Like it or not, people trust reviews. SEO rankings have long been known to be influenced by click-through rates. Reviews play a vital part with click-through rates, especially if you’re generating glowing reviews regularly. By enticing clicks with high ratings, you’ll likely to see a boost in rankings too.

Spy on your competitors

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If you are not ranking on the first page even if you have tried writing good content, longer posts with proper keyword density and added a meta description, then it’s time to do some smart work. Start spying on your competitors with the help of some professional tools. This way, you will identify the keywords they are ranking for. You will also come to understand the varied methods they are using to rank. Use the spied information for making changes on your website. Target those keywords with longer content with proper keyword density and you will a drastic change in your web traffic.

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  1. Wow.. just what I needed. I am trying to make my website grow and getting teh right traffic is still a struggle ..thanks for sharing


  2. This is a brilliant post and tips. I prefer publishing long post because it tends to become evergreen.


  3. Traffic is the one thing I am struggling. It’s so difficult to generate traffic. Great post and I find your post very informative. Thanks for writing on these points.


  4. I am new to blogging. And do not have backlinks. I am trying to make them by commenting and guest posts. Can you tell me how many guest post will be enough to make my site strong and competitive?


  5. These are some good advice, but for begging bloggers it’s good to say that the spying on your competition is mostly to see how they write, what platforms do they use to generate promotion of their blogs, because most will just take a look at the blog see the ads and go, I have to do that, yes, but later after you generate some traffic on your blog.


  6. All the tips are great… Can you tell about the tools that can be used for spying because it is very difficult and time consuming to spy manually.


  7. Thank you for this information… I am trying to learn more tools/info or anything i could learn about blogging. i’ve been blogging for a while but my traffic is not that good. thank you for this.


  8. I think that spying on competitors is a very underrated method to boost traffic when you are a new blogger. I feel like a lot of people do not really take the time out to research what their competitors are doing so that they can maybe evaluate how the website reached the traffic status that they grew to have. It would definitely be beneficial for sure to look into! Thanks for sharing this post!


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