Top 5 Self Improvement Tips That Will lead in 2019

Well, To me, Self-improvement is to cross yourself time by time. As a person, It’s so important to take care of your improvement. Therefore, Self-improvement is the one & only way to make you perfect.

Why Self Improvement?

If you are not happy with your current position & looking to do something better, then I must tell, you need self-improvement. It will give you both physical & mental pleasure. There is no doubt that for leading a happy life self-improvement is essential.

Today, I will share you top 5 self improvement tips.

1.Believe in Euphemism

Do you know what Euphemism means? Let me describe it with an example.

Suppose, you are walking in the street. Suddenly, A crow evacuates on you. Will you be angry? Nope. You should thank the Almighty as Almighty didn’t allow the cow to fly. Haha, seems funny? But it’s the main theme of Euphemism. It will let you think positive. You will get pleasure when you find yourself positive in every work. So, I think, It can be one of the best choices to practice euphemism for self-improvement.

2.Reduce Complains

You know what, complaining is equal to helpless. If you are complaining of everything, you are a helpless guy in some ways. Try to reduce the limit of complaining. It will make you believe yourself. Only complain to those things that really matter to you. Unless you reduce it, you can’t be a self -confident guy.

3.Don’t Blame Other

Many of us used to blame other without any reason. It harms a lot to their personality. It won’t a metric of your self-improvement. Rather It forces on your personality.

Always try to take responsibility for what you have done. Don’t blame others. It will make your personality in a positive way.

4.Learn The Best Way To Communicate

Well, if you can’t communicate well, you all improvements will go to in vain. For a better self-improvement strategy, you must be a good communicator. It will help you to express yourself. Remember, A smiling face can do a great thing.

So, always to try to make yourself a good communicator. It will help you in many ways that you can’t imagine.

5.Make yourself Trust Worthy

Don’t let others get the chance to untrust you. Always make people believing you. ‘ Trust is Love’. You must be trustworthy to make a build up your relationship. No relationship goes permanently without trust.

Therefore, being a trustworthy guy, you will get yourself confident & lead your life in a pleasant way.

So, here are the top 5 tips for you to improve yourself in 2019.

Published by Jomar Allen Enecio

Jomar Enecio is a Social Media Marketing Expert. He started his Freelancing Career way back 2017 with zipfworks handling influencer accounts. With experience in SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, WordPress, Video Editing and Customer Service. 7 years experience with Business Process Outsourcing handling technical, customer support, fitness and banking account. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast, and doing moto-vlogging.

16 thoughts on “Top 5 Self Improvement Tips That Will lead in 2019

  1. This year I want to be a better person. I want to do things that I’ve always been afraid of doing. I want to learn more and stop putting off what needs to get done. I’ve made my vision board and I know exactly what I want. I talk to less people now that don’t match to what I’m about. My self improvement goal this year is to conquer my fear of doing things and be better than who I was yesterday! These are amazing tips! I’m glad there’s people out there who are also looking towards the more positive brighter side of things


  2. I totally relate to this! Blaming others is the easiest way to justify our poor progress. We. need to make sure we are keeping ourselves accountable and stop making excuses.


  3. Number 2 and number 3 hit the nail on the head! Can’t stand it when people complain! Wait, did I just complain? Well, at least it was about people who complain!


  4. These tips are very insightful and helpful. Something to think about the next time I’m quick to judge or let negativity get in the way. Thank you!


  5. Great tips. Everyone should keep this in mind to have a better 2019. Thanks for sharing.


  6. The most important line here “Don’t let others get the chance to untrust you.” so true.

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂


  7. I love number one and the humor in it. Your example was priceless too. I’m going to try this throughout the day and weeks and year. It will definitely change your attitude.

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