How to Launch your Business using Social Media

How to Launch your Business using Social Media

Things become exciting. You evaluated your product idea carefully and finally found a product to sell online. After you searched low and high, you found your supplier, ordered samples and found that they were better than you expected. You have finally placed an order for your initial inventory and are waiting for it. Now what?

Well, you still have a great deal of work to do because you are in the pre-start phase. It is a critical time for every online store because it sets the tone for your company. Welcome to your grinding. Social media is an excellent way to develop a new product or business idea. You must include social media in the mix if you want to start the best online business possible.

You will also need to use a number of platforms, including:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest
• Instagram
• Quora
• Youtube

Create accounts on each site and choose the right platform to start with. Once you have done this and created a website, you want to start with a tactic that works very well: teaser campaigns.

  1. Create a campaign teaser

By nature, we are all curious. We want to know what’s going on around us and keep up to date with it all. If we are curious about something, we need to know more about it and find out what it is about. For this reason, teaser campaigns on the Internet or curious campaigns are excellent for attracting new users and launching new products.

The main goal of a teaser campaign is to create the curiosity of the user. Most of the time, such campaigns do not reveal the product, but always have a distinctive feature of the brand: typography, colors, style, etc.

Therefore, we can define an Internet teaser campaign as an advertising fragment that is often used as a foretaste of the main campaign and that usually provides minimal information in order to play with the mind and emotions and thus stimulates the curiosity of the users. It is an ideal tool for producing high expectations.

The good thing about Internet teaser campaigns is that they can be adapted to a communication platform of every kind. Social networks are very popular and also very cheap channel if you don’t have a large budget to start the campaign.

Basically, they are great campaigns for new products or services, because they can attract the attention of the customer and invite him or her to try something new. In addition, if the campaign is a good one and creates a good level of curiosity, it will spread among the users like wildfire.

2. Create your own Hashtags

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Hashtags will increase your visibility dramatically if you use them wisely. It can help you improve your e-marketing performance if your brand has its own hashtag that you use in your posts. Hashtags are an important part of all social media communication. If you have your own hashtag and it clicks, it will spread and more people will be reached by your brand. You have to make it your main business etiquette. Use it on every image you post. Feel free to use it in other social media too. When all your communication is marked with a particular hashtag, the chances that people like it and begin to use it in their own posts significantly increase.

Have you got a tagline? It’s a slogan? Now it’s your hashtag. If your name is sufficiently unique, turn it into a hashtag. Adweek has a great (and short) hashtag guide:

  • Brainstorming – The hashtag represents your brand, but it must be short and sweet as well. Think of some potential names, events, etc.
  • Research. Check whether it’s already in use. You want to build a community around your hashtag and begin fresh.
  • Promote. Write on all social media about your hashtag. Put it in your flyers and put it in your facility in a visible place.
  • Monitor. Use your hashtag to monitor what people tag and interact with them whenever it makes sense. Your community looks to you as the key communication pillar, so make sure that nothing goes unnoticed!

You will know how to make a decent personalized hashtag with these simple steps.

3. Create Count down for Giveaways and Prizes 

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So, you have encouraged users to visit your website and check your Cyber Monday deals, but how do you get them to buy once they arrive? A perfect way to get shoppers to hit the ” checkout ” button quickly is through countdowns to increase the sense of urgency. The shorter an item, the more people want it.

A clock that’s ticking down the minutes, like the one in the example below, is a visual cue that really gets shoppers moving.

You can easily add a countdown timer to your own e-commerce site using a tool like Shopify ‘s Hurrify-Countdown Timer. A plugin such as a Countdown Timer-Widget Countdown is a good option if your site is running on WordPress.

4. Regular Posting

person holding iPhone on table

As a social media manager, you want the best outcome from every social media post. There’s a good time to post, a bad time, right?

You give your audience a reason to come back for more if you post consistently. They are used to regularly checking in. Consistent posting is a fundamental building block for an increasing audience. There is also an SEO impact (in terms of blog posts).

Google likes fresh content, regularly updating a blog is one factor that Google looks at. The more frequently you post, the more pages you index in Google. If these pages begin to rank in search engines, more traffic will be driven.

More posts = Organic traffic increased

Marketing Professionals have a term for posts that drive long-term traffic, they are called compounding posts. In essence, you create a post that adds real value to a large number of people (do keyword research before you write the post) and then keeps an eye on the SEO page while posting.

The result is that you have a chance to increase traffic with a single post over time. Regular posting and high-quality content is an excellent recipe for success.

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