How can Healthy Habits Achieve Your Goals

We all faced the deception and guilt that comes after several weeks from setting and abandoning a goal. Sustainability for a long – term objective is difficult to achieve but normally only in a few months or even years can the best aims be achieved.

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This is the solution: instead, focus on creating a new habit that leads to your objective.

Would you like to run a marathon? Make it a habit to go every day first. Would you like to get out of the debt and save? Creates the habit of making brown bags to work, or watching DVDs rather than going to movies, or any change will save you money.

In concentrating not on what you need to achieve over the next year, but on what you do every day, you concentrate on something that you can achieve. This little change every day will bring enormous changes over time… and you will be surprised at the extent to which you have come in no time. Over time, small sand grains can add up to the mountain.

I have used the philosophy of change of custom to run a marathon, change my diet, lose weight, write a novel, stop smoking, be organized and productive, double my revenue, cut my debt, save myself and begin this year’s practice for the Olympic Triathlon. It works when you concentrate on changing habits.

Now it’s not easy to change your habits — I won’t lie to you — but it’s feasible, above all if you start small. With your first habit change don’t try to change the world … take baby steps. At the end of the year, I was able to run more than 20 miles. I just tried to ride a mile.

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How are your habits changed? Concentrate on one habit at a time and take these steps:

  1. Changes are positive. If you try to change your negative habits (quit smoking), replace it with a positive habits (for example, running to relieve stress).
  2. Take a challenge of 30 days. Tell yourself that you will be making this custom for 30 straight days, without fail, every day at the same time. Once that 30-day mark has passed, your habit will be easier. Do not beat yourself if you fail. If you fail. Start a new challenge for 30 days. Practice until successful. Until success.
  3. Commit yourself totally. Don’t simply say that you could or ought to do that to yourself. Tell the world this is going to be DEFINITY. Sit in this one hundred percent. Tell everyone you know. Tell everyone you know. Just email them. Email them. Put it on your blog! Put it on your blog. Post it to your place of business and home. This positive pressure from the public will motivate you.
  4. Set up rewards. It is best to recompense yourself often during the first week and then recompense yourself for the first month every week. Make sure that these are good rewards, which will help to keep you on track.
  5. Take your time to beat. It is best to start by monitoring your pressures so that you are more aware of them. Track them for a few days, and every time you get urged to put a tally mark in a small notebook. Specify a plan with strategies to beat them before you get the urges. We all need to stop –how are you going to overcome it? Deep breathing and drinking water are of greatest assistance to me. You can get a urge— it’s going to happen.
  6. Follow your progress and report it. Hold a log, journal or diagram so that your progress can be seen over time. For my marathon training, I used a running log and stopped smoking when I quit. Seeing how far you have come is motivating. Also, it will motivate you if you can join an online group and report on your advances every day, or if you can email family and friends about your progress.

Most importantly, stay positive at all times. I’m used to monitoring my thoughts and I would squash them like a little bug and replace them with positive thinking if I saw any negative thoughts (“I want to stop!”). I would replace them with positive thoughts. It works incredibly well. That’s the best tip of all time. You will definitely fail if you think negative thoughts. But you will certainly succeed if you think you are always positive.

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  1. I love the post. I’m a fan of good habits. Baby steps in a consistent manner is better than doing big actions in an inconsistent manner. Overtime, one will notice when the compound learning kicks in.


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