5 key tips in 2019 to make your business profitable

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  1. Discuss your business with confidence to the right public

It is all about you authentically to identify the right audience for your company. You attract people of the same mind to your business by being yourselves. If you have a children’s clothing business, talk about the achievements and motherhood struggles. Tell your children in the morning to dress up and get ready. Discuss your children’s morals and practices. This will make your children’s clothes line successful.

2. Collaborative work

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Look to work with people and brands who share the same ethics of work, vision, mission and integrity as you. I believe that the amount of love and vision people have for the brand determines a good working together. For instance, it will be harder if two people usually have a passion for the same thing. As an entrepreneur I speak to many women whose main concern is the lack of a partner’s work ethic. One works harder than the other (usually the person with a greater degree of passion for the vision of the brand) than the two do.

3. Host events in person

It is important to select a theme, topic and schedule for an event. I think what a holiday or a trend in the news is coming to help me choose a topic for my event. In February, for example, you can host an event that targets black women entrepreneurs or Single Women’s Valentine’s Day. March is World Women’s Day. What kind of event can you host?

Based on what my public wants, I choose discussion topics for my events. I have questions and suggestions from my guests to speak on general topics so that people go with full cups.

4. Make a daily list for your email

Some tips to help you create an email list include gifts, video descriptions and discount codes.

5. The “Millionaire Mindset”

Stepping up from solo-preneur to a successful businessman requires a “Millionaire Mindset”. We always have this dream of being a Millionaire but it requires more skills, knowledge, hard work and mindset. But what if I told you that the wealth that you’ve been dreaming off is already at your fingertips? You, your self alone is the best asset on how to become a millionaire, you only need to learn to become the most effective you. Maximize your potential earnings and realize that your dream of being a millionaire will only happen if you make and take the right actions.

Published by Jomar Allen Enecio

Jomar Enecio is a Social Media Marketing Expert. He started his Freelancing Career way back 2017 with zipfworks handling influencer accounts. With experience in SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, WordPress, Video Editing and Customer Service. 7 years experience with Business Process Outsourcing handling technical, customer support, fitness and banking account. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast, and doing moto-vlogging.

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